Over 30 years experience


Culleré i Sala, S.L. Culleré i Sala, S.L. is a company devoted to the project, design and development of metallic structures, with an expertise of more than 30 years in the industry.

automotiveWe work towards getting for our clients the optimal outcome in terms of cost, quality and time-frames. The combination of these three elements has become the key commitment of our company.

Culleré i Sala, S.L. designs and produces all kinds of metal structural solutions, tailored to the needs of architectural and use of the building, as well as multiple solutions for roofs and facades giving an overall solution design and implementation of all kinds of buildings.


    Design and analysis of structures.

    Optimization projects to achieve optimal results for the client in price, quality and execution time.

    Lightweight structures or roof slabs.

    Solutions tailored to overload slabs of use desired.

    Own assembly teams. Professionalism and speed of assembly.

    Solutions developed especially for the food industry.

    Company with proven reliability and solvency.

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